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Improve your technique and reduce bites with the MLB Gator Grip Trainer from Franklin Sports! Simply slide the thumb on your top hand as you punch (right for right-handers, left for left-handers) through the opening with the rounded side against the natural curve of your hand. This will help you move the handle of the stick toward your fingertips to help align your “knocking on the door” knuckles. By holding the club in these knuckles, you are able to generate a higher swing speed for better, stronger contact. Additionally, the silicone construction can help reduce the sting of the stick on your hand when you're stuck on indoor pitches. Even MLB pros wear grip trainers to ensure the bat is seated correctly in their hands for a powerful swing. 
  • GRIP TRAINER: The Gator Grip Trainer is used to help you align your knuckles "at the gate" on the club and keep the grip closer to your fingers for higher swing speed.
  • Reduces Sting: In addition to helping you improve your swing speed, the grip trainer will help reduce the sting on your hand if you get stuck on an infield.
  • Durable Construction: Durable silicone construction is designed to prevent the grip trainer from ripping or tearing so you can use it season after season.


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