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PLAYBALL!!! ⚾️ ⚾️ ⚾️

Want to enter a little into my world?
Well here it is... my imperfect candle smells STADIUM!

This candle comes with a card signed by Youppi! coming from my collection and on the top of each candle is encrusted with sand that I personally collected on the field after the last Expos game on September 29, 2004...

Those who know me know that this candle is inspired by my former life... My 15 beautiful years working at the Stadium!

This is the official sports card of the Youppi Tour! from 2004. In my personal collection I still have a few signed cards, which is why this souvenir candle is available in limited quantities.

► Here is a little information regarding imperfect candles.

What does a Stade smell candle smell like?
Subtle mix of freshly cut grass and leather... Perfect to remind us of the good years at Parc Jarry and the Stadium!!

◆ Approximately 4 oz
◆ Approximately 20 hours of combustion
◆ 100% souvenirs
◆ Natural soy wax
◆ High quality fragrance oils
◆ Handmade in Montreal by Métivier l’imperfait
◆ Perfect for all small rooms in the house

► Be sure to read the safety sticker located under the pot before burning your candle.

Thank you for embarking on my imperfect madness!
Funky & Co. - Creator of mood and imperfect moments


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